Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Your children are dead.

Have you seen those punks on the street?
They have been standing at the corner for an hour.
The bus stop is there, but they don't seem to be waiting for a bus.
I mean I've seen a couple buses, come by and stop, but those hooligans just stand there and stare at the bus drivers until they get uncomfortable, close their doors, and leave off.
It seems as if they dont even care.
And I know they are smoking cigarettes, I can see the packs rolled up in their sleeves.

The brand? Hell, nothing I recognize.
At least they are not blasting loud music, the things I hear on the radio these days frighten me.
Shit. Give me a Big Band and a jive suit anyday, I'll show those kids.

They're still standing there. I can see the cigarette butts from here, and they are starting to pile up. I swear they must be chain smoking worse than I used to.

Upon another look at their clothes, they aren't like anything I have really seen before. I don't know how I would describe them, but damn, I'm sure they're expensive.

I think I may chance a walk by see if I can't recon something on them, reminds me of my glory days.

Well it turns out they are playing music, could hear from those damned headphones soon as I got within a couple yards. It wasn't what I expected to hear though, you would think I'd be relieved, but it just gave me an unsettling feeling.

I was about to talk to one of them, sternly, to turn down their damned music or they'd go deaf, but just then one of them looked at me. It was his eyes, that were the worst, souless, black, and chilling right down to the toes. As soon as I caught a glance of those vacant orbs, I immediately turned away, but covered my horror by pretending I was stretching my neck. I hope they bought it.

I got back to the porch and thought better than staying out there where they might see me. I know I may seem rash, but these kids, if you can call them that, really get to me.

After heading inside I grabbed my binoculars and have been sitting behind the drapes trying to make sure they get any closer to my house. That was when I started taking notes. Thinking back on when I passed them, I know I felt something cold. I just hope they disperse soon, I don't think they've done anything illegal yet, but if they stand there much longer they may break the loitering limit of 6 hours. I just have to hold out a little while longer.

These kids, I hope they aren't your kids, truly seem dead.

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