Monday, March 30, 2009

Heroin is actually cool.

Recently another poster on this site explained the merits and hurdles of a cocaine habit. The conclusion being that if you didn't give a shit, wernt a fucking pussy and didn't hate everybody you would do well to pick up the habit. As a true altbro, I decided to look into this, and came upon this graph, which mind you, has not been doctored in any way whatsoever.

As is clearly illustrated, cocaine only slightly more alt then smoking, yet considerably more harmful (the "not giving a fuck" doctrine, however, eliminates the need for an X axis, so if this is you, take only the Y axis into account). By a hefty sum, both the altest and most harmful is heroin. Sick. establishing a rivalry between the two would be pointless, but just as a point of reference, lets look at a textbook heroin user:

FUCKING SIIIICK. You KNOW you want to look like that. Ratty assed chucks that just spew the trademarked "I don't actually care, you idiot" mentality that in the end, really, defines any worthwhile human. And as Alter boy often observes "it's always been cool for heroin addicts to wear tight pants." What does that tell you? Also if you have Albert Camus' The Stranger memorized like you should, you would know that how and when you die means nothing to the vast indifference of the universe, so you might as well do it with style. This is a typical abstainer of heroin use:

And look how he's dressed. Your choice internet, Mark Renton, or a flaming monk. It's a binery, A or B, don't try and deconstruct this Amberle.


  1. I like it, and I like it a lot.

    inb4 anton being a faggot LMAO

    AltestBro the instagator

  2. This chart is fucking lame. Not that I care but heroin is like the old saturday.

    Although, deck post.

    From behind the wall,