Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion

It would appear I have something in common with Rosewater. While we are on the subject is anyone else a Psychological Egoist?
I suppose I'll write something interesting and thought provoking because Mike didn't due to him being a member of a society by the name of "gay." Say there are two people, one standing on a train going at a constant speed, and the other standing on the gorund watching the train go by. The person on the train drops a rock, and sees it fall straight to the ground, timing it at x amount of seconds to get there. The person standing still, watching the train go by, sees the rock fall diagonally due to the momentum, also timing it at x amount of seconds to reach the ground. X will be the same for both people, but the distance travelled will be different, because from one view it travels in a curve, and one straight.

Okay, excuse my crappy drawing, but it's just simple trig. B represents the rock moving diagonally, A is it moving straight down. B is a longer distance, but they both take the same amount of TIME to reach the destination. Basically, HMPH!

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