Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A little bit of Cali, a lot of feeling.

Although it's never in my best interest to visit Cali, I decided to stop by while I was nearby in New Mexico. Right before I got into town, thinking about where I'm going to stay, I get a long, drawn out invite via text from old friends Jake and Sara of Mevansa.

They aren't necessarily fun people, but I like their company because Tim killed himself to one of the songs on their demo, and we can all really relate about it. Staying with them for a weekend was so beyond any experiences I've had in Cali prior to this that I would call it magical. We made wicked sound as a threesome, freestyling tracks better than anything they've recorded. If you haven't already, check out their demo- it will never be as good as the unreleased stuff I've helped the two of them master, but the tracks they have available are sure to fill you.

They Say This Is The Place

Ecrazes L'infame,


  1. yo im getting that voltaire pen shit tattood on my wrist man

  2. this smells mysteriously of emo...

    just sayin'

  3. Just because it's not Canadian doesn't mean it's emo...

    just sayin'

  4. Hey bro's im thinking of starting a Post-Tim band, I'm still looking for an Alternator and a chiptune artist, so we get booked for some gigs. Anyone down (emotionally as well)?

    (W) R.I.P. (W)