Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Altest Towns of America

In the end, we all travel. But, I don't want to find myself somewhere disconsolately uncultured and political, but somewhere that I can believe to be urbane. I know most others are the same way. A little bit hip, and a little bit homey, these are places I wouldn't mind dying in:

Milford, Pennsylvania.

It's been a resort town since the guilded age. Sean Strub (a direct-mail and publishing entrepreneur who moved to Milford in 1997) and retired American Apparel executive Shane Mally give Milford a feeling of individuality. You can express here. The Delaware water gap is nearby aswell- Same place I tought Kyle Maki from Terra Cain how to roll ciggerettes. Although he smokes R.Styles now, same as me.

Yachats, Oregon.

The music scene here is comparable to that of Miskoka. I spent my time with Giselle in a Shamrock cabin while in Yachats. It's something I won't forget.

Washington D.C.

The people here are unforgettable. This place is also full of surprises- I met up with the guys from Tribal Sun and half of Health to smoke and sip Pabst before the end of the week.

These towns won't let you down. Look around and you'll find most of America wasted and uncouth.

Count off with love,

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  1. Yeah I've lived in a couple of those places, but my expressive eden still remains. Dun Chao, Laos.