Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No fidelity

It’s and age old secret of esoteric knowledge that the more mysterious, poorly recorded, melancholy, relatively obscure and surreal an album is, the better it is.


So delete that Matthew Good album you have, faggot. And download Iran’s The Moon Boys. They definitely have all of the above criteria down; the lyrics, when briefly breaching coherence, tell us stories about hating your lover(altest relationship), fading from existence (the altest way to go), and everything else you deal with on a day to day basis. The music itself is the time-tested formula of loud-quiet-loud, the quiet being downtrodden folk ballads, and the loud being dissonant noise experimentation. We don’t know anything about them other then that there are three of them (three, the altest number), they hail form San Francisco (4th altest town), and two of them may or may not look like this:

Look at those fucking beards(2nd altest faceal hair). That should be enough, really. Fading out is definitely a highlight.

Iran - The Moon Boys
1. Tee Hee
2. Four Armed Star
3. Locked Up Right
4. Black Eye I
5. Fading Out
6. Butterfly Knife
7. We Could Go Away for a While
8. Wuthering Heights
9. Black Eye II
10. Pretty Rows
11. The Moon Shines Bright
12. Long Time Now