Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Conor Oberst - The Soundtrack To My Movie

An old one from Conor Oberst. Think he was 16 at the time, only came out on casette. Rare as hell. Anyway, it's pretty hit or miss. If you're an hxc fan you'll appreciate. WUN LOV LOLOL

1. "In My Sights"
2. "The Halcyon Days"
3. "District 66"
4. "Floodlights"
5. "Opened and Spent"
6. "Oh, To Be Friends"
7. "Oh, Tired Eyes"
8. "Flying J"
9. "Great American Audio"
10. "Oh, Sweetest Heart"
11. "German Chocolate"
12. "Animal Prints"
13. "Another Night on Your Tightrope"
14. "The Reason I Exist"
15. "Show Me How Your Parents Danced"


  1. This "Soundtrack" really only comes alive on tape, although this is a decent find for anyone whose lost their tapes in a fire or something.

  2. Yeah I found it quite entrancing to listen to while sailing. At least until that storm.

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