Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Contrary to the "societal" belief that the new charming, radiant and quite admirable track from everybody's favorite Zach Condon, "Mimizan", is an alluring, unique song about the shining city of Mimizan in France, Europe, I have found, after chilling with one of Condon's friends from Sante Fe High, that Zach dated a scandalous wench named Mimizan before he dropped out at 16. The whore tore out his heart, and with a zealous rage, crushed everything in the world that was bright to him. This song is actually written ironically- as the only way to express the utter darkness that plagues Condon's memory is with an ironic melody.

For those of you who havn't heard the track, you should know where to find it. If not- you don't deserve to hear it; Win Butler of the Arcade Fire called the ablum "Nearly mainstream".

Reattaching the twitch,

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