Saturday, March 21, 2009

Alt styles in Iran

After traveling all of the altest middle America, I decided to go to the next altest country in the world. Iran, land of the hipsters. It wasn't long before I realized how out classed I truely was. After an important indie figure in central Iran demeaned Obama for a couple hours, he began to dance fiercly to some hip Iranian indie. I quickly picked up the demo he was so vehemently romping to, the got the fuck out of there. I'm never going back.

You can find the track I was exposed to in my short time down there HERE.

Hate the weak,


  1. Man, truly jealous of your trips to the East. Any chance you can hook a bro up with some of that Iranian weed?

    Abacus from the trees

  2. Definitely spinning this the next time I DJ.

    Thanks man.