Thursday, March 19, 2009

And may I present... "Dfat" Kawtiash

So, what does it take to truly be an AltBro? This question has plagued the western world for a few months now, and it really boils down to those who "have" it and those you don't "have" it. To quote one of the most recent and famous AltBros, "Dfat" Kawtiash, "One does not simply ALT into Mordor!"

Above is Dfat himself, in all his AltBro glory. It takes a certain kind of SWAGGER and a certain mind set to pull off AltBro, and I took the time to sit down with Dfat himself to get to the bottom of it.

AltestBro: Hello, Dfat.
Dfat: Hey man...
AltestBro: So, tell me, do you associate yourself with the AltBro label?
Dfat: Naw mayne, that shits weak. Next question I gotta be somewhere, man.
AltestBro: Ah, okay. Hold on as I find some of the more important questions... Oh, here we go. How far would a true AltBro go with the elusive Hyrax?
Dfat: Man like, hand down shirt but thats it, I gotta keep up appearances, nawmeen.
AltestBro: N- Yeah I guess. Well, HEY COME BACK HERE WITH MY POKEMON.

AltestBro here, I should have known this would happen. Dfat is quoted to have said "eating all your pokemons muahahahahaha" is one of his favorite hobbies. Oh well, until I catch him next time coming from a wood chopping competition or something, we'll never know what his secrets really are.

Peace from da east