Friday, March 20, 2009

Something That Aches, Relieved.

When you smoke as much as I do, you meet people.

The other day (Time... it isn't for me) I was reaching in the pocket of my old pea coat for my Russian Styles and matches outside the bank with a look of clear anxiety on my face.

I've been feeling out of place with music, lacking in some form. Able only to listen to the same cassettes over and over. It was the first time I had gone outside my place without a source for music in years. These harrowing thoughts were preoccupying my mind entirely.

I was fucked.

As I struck a match from the standard Osiris Bar match box, I hear a vaguely familiar voice approaching me, asking for a smoke. I looked up to see Karasawa, an Indie Obsession in Tokyo.

After supplying the man with an R.Styles and a match, he began to tell me about his new project, Cosmic Airplane. "The painful Japanese poetry a naive vocal develops in the indie melody line I feel like humming unconsciously. A space-like synthesizer lends gaiety to a twin guitar and a female chorus, and a powerful drum fascinates the manly spirit. The neo-sensualism indie band coming into action centering on Shimo-kitazawa in Tokyo" he muttered in broken English.

Suddenly it was clear. My lust for exploration within the sensitive world of music could easily be satisfied with Karasawa's debonair project.

He provided me with a cassette, and the track, although hastily recorded, is fucking brilliant. I highly suggest a listen.

I've uploaded it here.

War never changes,


  1. Policing now. Also, you used the word debonair so it's an instant classic. Much love - ALTESTBRO

  2. can't download - file deleted ;(